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Impact investor is never (completely) satisfied

Kaisa Alavuotunki

When you are in the business of impact investing and work on impact and sustainability, you can never be completely satisfied with your current stage. The industry has been evolving very rapidly from pretty niche do-good-businesses to credible and powerful mainstream investment strategies of large asset owners. The one who stays still gets rapidly pushed […]

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Let’s talk biodiversity – Finnfund’s nature and biodiversity statement in preparation

“Biodiversity is life in all its forms and the protection of life,” said Sami El Geneidy, Doctoral Researcher and Biodiversity Footprint Team Lead at the University of Jyväskylä. On 25th of January, Finnfund organised a workshop to discuss biodiversity and the role of investors in mitigating the negative impacts and enhancing positive impacts of businesses […]

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Finnfund’s Annual Report awarded as the best annual report of the year in Finland

Finnfund’s 2022 Annual Report has been selected as the best annual report of the year in the “Oma Media” competition of Procom, The Finnish Association of Communication Professionals. Finnfund’s annual report was praised as a balanced and visually high-level entity that reflects the company’s operations well. “We are glad and grateful for this recognition,” said […]

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Placing contract farming in the service of development, food security, and equality

Anne Valto

The 2022 Global Report on Food Crises[1] estimates that at least one in five Africans goes to bed hungry, and an estimated 140 million people in Africa face acute food insecurity. The Horn of Africa, in particular, is again suffering from persistent drought, and countries dependent on imported wheat and sunflower oil are suffering as prices […]

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We need ambitious targets for nature and biodiversity

Anne Arvola

In the middle of Finnish winter, birds are swarming around the feeding place in my garden but many species that were frequent visitors 20 years ago are not around. To be honest, I’m not a winter –person and I’m dreaming of my childhood springs, how blooming apple trees spread their scent in the garden, and […]

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Supporting alignment with the Paris Agreement through investing in carbon removals

Marko Berglund

Sustainable nature-based solutions provide a ready, proven and economically feasible solution for carbon removal, writes Marko Berglund, our Senior Impact Adviser. The growing need for carbon removals The IPCC says it loud and clear: limiting warming to 1.5°C or 2°C will require rapid, deep and immediate cuts in emissions in all sectors of the economy. […]

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Stakeholders’ voice – using technology to collect feedback directly from the key people

Anne Arvola

The world has now lived with the Covid-19 pandemic for over two years. The evidence shows that it has hit the least-developed countries the hardest. At the same time, climate change is increasingly affecting peoples’ daily lives. Again, those already in vulnerable positions are suffering the most. In this milieu, there is a need to understand […]

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Getting together again – EDFI spring meeting brought E&S and impact specialists to Helsinki

European development finance institutions’ (EDFI) E&S and Impact Spring meeting brought both environmental & social sustainability and impact specialists together on 25-27 April in Helsinki. The meeting consisted of three days full of discussions and knowledge sharing on climate change policies and practices in mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, human rights, impact management, and so forth. […]

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Listen to your stakeholders

Kirsi Pere

In order to make good, smart decisions, we must have a thorough understanding of the changes in our operational environment and listen to our key people. This was the main idea when we started to work on our stakeholder survey. We wanted to know what our key people – such as our owners and other […]

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Electric mobility is a question of health and it needs investments to develop

Helena Teppana

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion where investors gathered to discuss the risk profile of investing in charge points. Having worked with investments in developing countries for the past 20 years, it was refreshing to discuss with investors whose focus is elsewhere than the emerging markets. We discovered a […]

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