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March 12, 2020

Finnfund’s new Sustainability Policy finalized and approved

Finnfund’s new Sustainability Policy has been finalized and approved by Finnfund’s key decision making bodies, including Finnfund’s management, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board. The Sustainability Policy now applies to all new investments approved from March 2020 onwards.

We’d like to thank all stakeholders involved in the revision process. The new overarching Sustainability Policy was developed in consultation with several important stakeholder groups, such as our investees, national and international NGOs and CSOs, peers in development finance and various experts across sectors and geographies. In October 2019 the draft policy was made publicly available and circulated for stakeholder input and comments, and the feedback received was then discussed in a stakeholder meeting held in November 2019. The feedback received on the draft policy was very valuable and it enabled us to strengthen many key aspects of the Sustainability Policy and place more focus on aspects that required more clarification and transparency from our stakeholders’ perspective.

Thank you for the valuable input!

Finnfund’s Sustainability Policy can be accessed from this link

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