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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee plays an important role in Finnfund’s investment process. The committee approves or rejects the investment proposals as well as provides guidance for the due diligence process. The committee consists of people with backgrounds, for instance, in finance, sustainability, impact, communications, and law, and may include both internal and external members.

The final investment decisions are made by the Board of Directors, or in some cases, by the CEO.


Olli Sinnemaa, chair
Chief Financial Officer, Finnfund

Kaisa Alavuotunki
Director, Impact and Sustainability, Finnfund

Jaakko Kangasniemi
Managing Director, CEO, Finnfund

Mikko Kuuskoski
Associate Director, Finnfund

Kari Laukkanen
external expert

Unna Lehtipuu
Communications Director, Finnfund

Katriina Lenkkeri
Chief Legal Counsel, Finnfund

Hanna Loikkanen
Chief Investment Officer, Finnfund