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Finnfund in brief

Finnfund is a Finnish development financier and professional impact investor. We build a sustainable world by investing in responsible and profitable businesses in developing countries. Each year we invest 200–250 million euros in 20-30 projects, emphasising renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, financial institutions, and digital infrastructure and solutions. Today Finnfund’s investments and commitments total about 1.07 billion euros, half of them in Africa. The company has about 90 employees.

Contact us to learn more about Finnfund!

We will be happy to provide more information about us and help you find experts. Finnfund employs about 90 people. We can provide experts in various topics such as

  • impact investing and sustainable investing
  • changes in the market situation in emerging markets
  • monitoring and assessing development impact
  • climate investments
  • investments in gender equality
  • development financing and global development issues.

We are also happy to help you find interviewees and experts from our investees.

Our main business sectors are renewable energy, sustainable forestry, agriculture, financial institutions and digital infrastructure and solutions but we also finance companies operating in many other sectors.

Unna Lehtipuu
Communications Director
tel +358 40 624 0896

Finnfund Kirsi Pere

Kirsi Pere
Communications Manager
Tel. +358 40 620 9767

Valpuri Mäkinen
Communications and Marketing Manager
tel. +358 50 384 2105

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