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Year selected: 2023

CFO insight into 2022 and Q1: Positive result – positive outlook

Olli Sinnemaa

Our Annual Report 2022 has been published, and I am happy to say that despite the global and local economic and political challenges, the year was a successful one. The project preparation targets for 2022 – 230 million euros and 22 projects – were clearly exceeded: a total of 28 new projects totalling 246 million […]

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Terhi Koipijärvi: Strategic thinking over administration

Terhi Koipijärvi

What is most important in Board work? How to draw the line between operational and strategic thinking? How to avoid getting bogged down in administration? What is it like to serve on the Board of the largest forestry company in East Africa? “Thank you for your faith in me, what an intriguing company!”, replied I […]

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