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Other business sectors

Besides our main sectors, we do invest in other good projects as well when they match our investment strategy and meet our requirements. 

Waste management and recycling, healthcare and education are examples of sectors where we have already made investments and are continuously looking for new investment opportunities.

Examples of investments:

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In 2018, we invested in Penda Healtha chain of affordable medical centres in Nairobi, Kenya.

Read more about Penda Health
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In 2019, we invested in Maarifa Education Group, a private tertiary education company operating in Sub-Saharan Africa


Read more about Maarifa
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In 2017, we invested in Sanergy, a company that converts waste to useful end-products such as fertilizers, animal feed and biogas. 


Read more about Sanergy

In 2020, we supported the development of high-quality hospitals in Egypt and Morocco together with other international financial institutions.  

Read more about Humania


Contact us:


Markus Pentikäinen
Investment Manager
(healthcare and education)
tel. +358 50 339 7726

Jussi Tourunen
Associate Director, Head of Energy and Infrastructure portfolio
tel. +358 40 568 0578

Riikka Molander
Associate Director, Head of Funds portfolio
tel. +358 50 369 4039

Noah Law
Investment Manager
tel. +358 40 193 2668

Markus Pietikäinen
Chief Investment Officer
tel. +358 40 525 3024