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Looking for an investor?

Finnfund expects all its investments to be profitable, environmentally and socially responsible and produce measurable development impact in their target countries.

Finnfund puts special emphasis on sectors that are critical to sustainable development, namely renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture and financial institutions.

We do invest in other good projects as well when they match our investment strategy and meet our requirements. We also have special focus on investments that advance gender equality and which mitigate climate change and help people in developing countries adapt to it.

We are looking for

  • Profitability
  • Environmental and social responsibility
  • Measurable development impact

Good to know about Finnfund financing

  • We invest only in developing countries as defined by OECD/DAC
  • Our financing can be in the form of equity, mezzanine financing or debt.
  • Finnfund’s share in new companies is always smaller than the share of the project sponsor but can be greater in expansion investments.
  • We only invest in privately owned business.
  • Our financing is always on market terms.
  • Ticket size varies from one million to 25 million euros.
  • Our financing can be in either euros or in US dollars.

1. Contact Finnfund’s investment team

We have 30 impact investment professionals in Finnfund.

Contact the person responsible for your business sector (click the name of the sector and select your contact).


Jussi Tourunen
Associate Director, Head of Energy and Infrastructure portfolio
tel. +358 40 568 0578

Energy, Manufacturing


Helena Teppana
Associate director
tel. +358 40 822 8296


Eero Pekkanen
Senior Investment Manager
(energy and education)
tel. +358 40 158 9200

Energy, Other sectors

Tuomas Suurpää
Senior Investment Manager
tel. +358 400 382 717


Jari Matero from Finnfund

Jari Matero
Associate Director, Head of Agriculture and Forestry portfolio
tel. +358 40 523 2815

Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable forestry

Pauliina Halonen
Investment Manager
tel. +358 40 759 6479

Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable forestry

Jussi Ahonen
Senior Investment Manager, Head of Digital Infrastructure and Solutions portfolio
tel. +358 50 566 4653

Digital infrastructure and solutions

Johanna Raehalme
Investment Manager
tel. +358 44 033 1110

Digital infrastructure and solutions, Sustainable agriculture

Ilkka Norjamäki
Senior Investment Manager
tel. +358 40 866 8642

Sustainable forestry

Antti Urvas
Associate Director, Head of Financial Institutions portfolio
tel. +358 45 113 0547

Financial institutions, Treasury

rahoituspäällikkö Ulla Huotari

Ulla Huotari
Investment Manager
tel. +358 50 594 2296

Financial institutions

Ulla-Maija Rantapuska
Investment Manager
tel. +358 41 536 5631

Financial institutions

Markus Pentikäinen
Investment Manager
(healthcare and education)
tel. +358 50 339 7726

Other sectors

Ari Nironen
Senior Investment Manager
(fragile states)
tel. +358 40 547 8848

Other sectors

Markus Pietikäinen
Chief Investment Officer
tel. +358 40 525 3024

Investment operations, Management group

Riikka Molander
Associate Director, Head of Funds portfolio
tel. +358 50 369 4039


2. Present your project plan

For project appraisal, we will need a project plan developed by the client. We advise you to contact us already when designing the project as our experts have considerable experience on business operations in the developing markets.

For project appraisal, we need a project plan developed by the client. Read more for instructions.


3. Assessment of environmental and social responsibility

Environmental and social requirements are determined case-by-case.

At the start of the process, we make sure that projects meet Finnfund’s basic environmental, social and governance standards. Environmental and social responsibility assessments also help set the terms of funding.



4. Development impact assessment

The development impacts are assessed before the investment decision and during the entire life cycle of the investment.

This ex ante assessment focuses e.g. on the strategic relevance of the project, the importance for the market development of the target country, and the financial and other additionality of Finnfund’s participation. It is also important to assess the impacts from the perspective of the poor and women.

5. Investment decision

We strive to keep our investment process swift and flexible. Investment decision is usually taken within 3 to 4 months from first contact. The final investment decision is taken by the Finnfund Board of Director based on proposals from the Finnfund management. The Board usually meets once a month.

Business sectors

Finnfund puts special emphasis on sectors that are critical to sustainable development, namely renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, financial institutions and digital infrastructure and solutions.

We do invest in other good projects as well when they match our investment strategy,

Our investments

At the end of 2020 Finnfund’s portfolio contained 2016 investment decisions in 53 countries. Learn more about our projects by clicking on the map.