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Finnfund’s strategy up to 2025

In spring 2018, Finnfund Board of Directors approved a new strategy for the company, setting operational guidelines until 2025.

The strategy states that Finnfund’s mission is to build a sustainable world by investing in responsible businesses in developing countries. The company’s vision is to be a respected partner and a frontrunner in impact among European development finance institutions.

Finnfund puts special emphasis on those sectors that matter for sustainable development, such as renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture and financial institutions. The company can invest also in other sectors.

The Finnfund strategy stresses:

  • Generating, analysing and communicating development impact.
  • Doubling operational volume and focusing funds on responsible and profitable projects with high impact.
  • Mobilising additional funding and convincing private investors of co-financing opportunities.
  • Improving operational procedures and respecting the work of own staff and external partners.

All Finnfund activities are guided by four principles. Impact, responsibility, profitability and professionalism.

Download full strategy (pdf)

Our values


  • We finance responsible business operations in developing countries.
  • The Finnfund team always does its best.


  • We respect different cultures, their people and their ways of working.
  • We appreciate each other and the work done by others.


  • We have the courage to develop new ways of working under challenging conditions.
  • Finnfund supports and encourages its team in continuous development and learning from experience.


  • Our successful investment projects reduce poverty and inequality.
  • We focus on the essentials and use our resources as effectively as possible.


Finnfund's strategy in 2018-2025

Corporate governance

Finnfund’s shareholders are the State of Finland (95,7 %), Finland’s export credit agency Finnvera (4.2 %) and the Confederation of Finnish Industries (0.1%) in Feburary 2021. Finnfund’s operations are stipulated by the Finnfund Act.

Ownership steering

Finnfund is one the instruments of Finland’s development policy. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is charged with steering Finnfund on the shareholders’ behalf.