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Draft act on the State’s new capital investment company sent out for comments – Finnfund not to be merged with the new Finnish Industry Investment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will organise a consultation round on the draft act on the new state capital investment company from 10 April to 8 May 2024. The new company will be given an industrial policy task with a stronger focus on economic growth, renewal and promotion of investments. The Government proposal […]

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New statement on climate and energy will guide Finnfund’s climate actions

Finnfund has adopted a new statement on climate and energy. With this statement, Finnfund expresses its commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement and explains what this commitment means in practice for its portfolio management, investment process and measuring of the portfolio’s carbon footprint. Finnfund strives to take the lead among development financiers in […]

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Finnfund first development financier to report carbon net-negative investment portfolio

Finnish development financier and impact investor Finnfund today released data showing that its total investment portfolio has a net negative carbon balance. The figures for 2019 indicate that Finnfund’s investments removed 134,679 tCO2e more than they emitted. In 2019, Finnfund’s investment portfolio was EUR 617 million. “I am extremely proud that we have been able to […]

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Finnfund Insights analyzes the impacts of the COVID-19 on markets and businesses 

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented shock to the world economy. New Finnfund Insights discusses some of the main channels through which businesses in the developing world feel the impact from pandemic. “As a development finance institution, we have good visibility to how businesses in emerging and developing markets are affected,” said Minna Kuusisto, Finnfund’s Economist.  “While many newspapers are covering the immediate impacts the […]

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Robert Wihtol: Finnfund to step in where we are needed the most

“During the pandemic, we have to be prepared to step in where we are needed the most”, says Mr Robert Wihtol. The new Chair of Finnfund’s Board of Directors, appointed this April, finds Covid-19 a great challenge but also an opportunity to finance innovative companies. Most importantly, the current situation offers Finnfund an opportunity to […]

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Finnfund invests new government loan fully in gender and climate projects

The Finnish government has granted Finnfund a loan of 210 million euros from the state budget for 2018 and 2019 (read foreign ministry press release). Finnfund will invest the full amount in climate action and women’s empowerment in developing countries. “With this government loan, we can invest over 100 million euros in companies that boost […]

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Seminar: Sustainable development and climate action from African forests

How are the forests in Africa doing? What are the most cost-effective climate actions and can deforestation be slowed down? Is there demand for sustainably produced wood? Why is it so difficult to get private funding? What could the EU do? Forests, food production and climate change are closely linked to one another, professor Markku […]

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Finnfund invites comments on the draft Statement on Gender Equality

Preparing to its statement on gender equality, Finnfund wishes to give all those willing to comment on the first draft a chance to do so. Comments can be submitted until 4 February. Finnfund’s mission is to build a better world by investing in responsible and profitable businesses in developing countries. The promotion of gender equality, […]

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Finnfund’s human rights statement is ready

Finnfund’s human rights statement, aiming is to better integrate the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGP) into investment operations throughout the whole life cycle of an investment, is ready. Respecting and promoting human rights are at the very core of Finnfund’s work as a development financier and responsible impact investor. Responsible companies […]

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Independent assessment of Finnfund’s operations: Shifting the focus to the poorest countries succeeded without risking the development impacts and profitability

Finnfund has managed to invest more and more in the poorest countries and difficult sectors while maintaining its economic viability, states an independent evaluation commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. “The investments that produce the most positive development effects are quite often also the most financially challenging due to their high risks. Finnfund appears […]

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