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We build a sustainable future and generate lasting impact by investing in businesses that solve global development challenges.

40 years of experience from the developing markets

Finnfund is a development financier and impact investor. We build a sustainable future and generate lasting impact by investing in businesses that solve global development challenges.

We provide businesses operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America with risk capital, long-term investment loans, mezzanine financing and expertise on how to invest in the developing markets. We invest only in developing countries as defined by OECD/DAC.

We expect our projects to be profitable, socially and environmentally responsible and produce measurable development impact in their target countries.

We put special emphasis on sectors that are critical to sustainable development: renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, financial institutions and digital infrastructure and solutions. We do invest in other sectors as well when they match our investment strategy and meet our requirements.

Finnfund invests in businesses that drive sustainable development, whether they are companies that are already operational or in the process of being set up.

See a video about impact investing in developing countries.
More videos are published on Finnfund’s YouTube channel.

Leveraging state capital

Finnfund gets its funding from the State of Finland and the private capital markets and retained earnings from its investments. All profits get recycled into new projects that drive sustainable development.

Every year, we make 20-30 new investments worth 200-250 million euros. At the end of 2022, Finnfund’s investments, commitments, and investment decisions total about 1.22 billion euros, half of them in Africa.

Finnfund is owned by the Finnish State (96.18%), Finnvera (3,75%), and the Confederation of Industries (0.07%). Currently, we have 100 employees based in Helsinki.

Finnfund’s payments calculated as Finland’s official development aid (ODA) are always at least twice the amount the Finnish state pays to Finnfund as capital increase. 

Finnfund belongs to the group of European Development Finance Institutions, EDFI.

Finnfund provides administrative support for the Finnpartnership programme led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Finnpartnership offers funding, contacts and advisory services, which can be used to assess business opportunities in developing countries.

Strategy and corporate governance

All Finnfund activities are guided by four principles: Impact, responsibility, profitability and professionalism. The steering by shareholders has been assigned to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Annual Reports

At the end of 2022 Finnfund had made about 1,22 billion euros worth of investments and commitments in 55 countries.

Careers at Finnfund

Finnfund offers a unique opportunity to be part of the change in developing countries and development finance.

Our people

Finnfund currently employs over 100 experts in finance, development impact, corporate responsibility and administration. They are based in Helsinki.