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Careers at Finnfund

Finnfund offers a unique opportunity to be part of the change in development financing and impact investing.

We work in international financing in a demanding market, using diverse financing instruments and structures. Finnfund is part of unique projects in various sectors. We invest in businesses that often are front-runners in their field and generate positive impact in people and the environment around them.

Our office is located in Helsinki where we have 90 professionals in finance, corporate responsibility, development impact, legal affairs and other sectors working for us.

We value good language skills and international experience. Given that our investments are located in developing countries, many of us are often telecommuting.

We continuously strive to  improve Finnfund as a company, working with domestic and international partners.

Corporate responsibility is a core value for us also as an employer. We advance and monitor equality and encourage our employers carry out  continuous learning and professional improvement.

Employers’ well-being, work-life balance and job satisfaction are important to us. Finnfund offers its employers health care services that go beyond what the law requires, and we support our people’s sports and cultural activities. Through this Finnfund motivates its employers to take care of their well-being and health.

Our values


  • We finance responsible business operations in developing countries.
  • The Finnfund team always does its best.


  • We respect different cultures, their people and their ways of working.
  • We appreciate each other and the work done by others.


  • We have the courage to develop new ways of working under challenging conditions.
  • Finnfund supports and encourages its team in continuous development and learning from experience.


  • Our successful investment projects reduce poverty and inequality.
  • We focus on the essentials and use our resources as effectively as possible.

Come work with us!


If there are no suitable jobs available, you can also submit an open application via the link below. We keep open applications for six months.

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Meet some of Finnfund’s staff members

Kuutti Kilpeläinen, Investment Manager

“I believe that an investor can have a big impact on a country’s financial development and equality progress, especially in developing countries. Smart money can make a change.”



Suvi Halonen, Senior Risk Analyst

“My journey has gone from risk management trainee to working as a portfolio analyst and risk analyst. You never stop learning at Finnfund. The company gives you a possibility to develop at your work as well as attend trainings.”



Sarah Ndegwa, Senior Investment Analyst

“I moved to Helsinki in the middle of a pandemic, with no prior visits – this was the ultimate leap of faith. Now being settled in Finland, it is no exaggeration that Helsinki is one of the best cities to live and work in. ”



Ulla-Maija Rantapuska, Investment Manager

“I got to work at the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO in Netherlands for a year through our secondment program.  I’m very grateful that Finnfund offers this kind of possibilities and that I have been able to advance my career at Finnfund.”



Victor Fagerlund, Senior Legal Counsel 

“I wanted to work for Finnfund because they offered me an opportunity to work on projects in a team during the whole life span of the project, instead of working intensely on projects for a short time like at a lawyer’s office. Finnfund is a unique employer in Finland: you have the chance to work on many different transactions all over the world.”



Riikka Thomson, Manager, Environmental and Social 

“My time in Africa taught me how important job creation is to both individuals and society. Skill training and salary give independence, allows people to improve their living conditions and to educate their children.”


Kaisa Alavuotunki, Director, Impact and Sustainability

” I find it inspiring to work for a company that approaches development from various perspectives. Visits to project countries help better understand the realities of our investees.”

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Veera Mäenpää, Senior Legal Counsel

“I was originally supposed to become an actress. That did not quite happen.”


Suvi Lähdevuori, System Developer

“It’s important for me to learn new things, and there have been many opportunities for that here. Who knows what will come up in the future?”


Noah Law, Investment Manager

“I think I found a good balance between work and leisure. I was warned that Finns would be reserved, but at least my colleagues are very open and social.”


Sylvie Fraboulet-Jussila, Senior Environmental and Social Adviser

“Travelling to our target countries is an important part of my work. To be successful, it’s essential to get to talk with people de visu, face-to-face and see the projects’ locations.”