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Finnfund investments in gender equality 2019-2021

Finnfund is committed to investing 105 million euros in businesses that advance gender equality. These gender investments will be made in 2019-2021.

The amount is one half of the 210 million euro loan issued to Finnfund by the Finnish Government in 2019. We will invest the other half in climate projects.

Finnfund applies the 2X Challenge criteria to its gender investments. The 2X Challenge calls for the G7 and other DFIs to collectively double gender investments to USD 3 billion by the end of 2020.

105 million euros by the end of 2021

Commitments as of June 2020 (starting April 2019)


Investments in gender equality 2019-2021

Finnfund is also part of the international Gender Finance Collaborative. Our own gender statement drives us to invest in businesses which boost women’s economic independence, entrepreneurship, leadership as well as their position and role in the marketplace. Read more here.

According to UN Women, women’s economic empowerment is central to the realisation of women’s rights and gender quality. Development financiers play an important role in channeling funding to gender investments.

Investment agreements

(June 2020)

Advans GroupInternationalMicrofinanceEUR10,000,0002019
Annapurna Finance Private LimitedIndiaMicrofinanceEUR15,000,0002019
Societe JTF Madagaskar SARLMadagaskarAgricultureEUR3,750,0002019
First City Monument Bank Limited Tier IINigeriaBankingUSD5,000,0002019
Bopa Pte Ltd.AsiaMicrofinanceUSD5,000,0002020

Investment decisions

(June 2020) Detailed information published after signing of agreements

Company AMyanmarMicrofinanceUSD11,000,0002019
Company BInternational TelecommunicationsUSD6,000,0002019
Company CMyanmarMicrofinanceUSD4,700,0002019
Company DMyanmarMicrofinanceUSD5,000,0002019
Company EAfricaHealthcareUSD1,000,0002020
Company FSouth AfricaEducation and researchUSD7,000,0002020
Company GSri LankaInsuranceUSD7,500,0002020

Examples of investments in gender equality

Advans boosts women’s careers and entrepreneurship

Advans currently serves over 1 million clients with a staff of close to 7,500 employees in nine African and Asian countries; Cambodia, Cameroon, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Nigeria, Tunisia and Myanmar.

Annapurna offers microloans for poor women in rural India

Annapurna Finance offers microloans and related financial literacy education, mainly to poor women in rural India. This is Finnfund’s first project eligible for the 2X Challenge, which is an initiative by the G7 countries aimed at mobilising USD 3 billion to finance businesses that promote the status of women.

BOPA accelerates financial inclusion and female leadership in Asia

Access to financial services in developing countries is scarce, and it hampers the ability for people to improve their livelihood. Bopa is funding and developing microfinance institutions in Asia and has recently joined the 2X Challenge, a G7/DFI initiative to mobilise financing for women’s empowerment.