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March 13, 2024

New Finnfund Insights focuses on Vietnam

New Finnfund Insights focuses on Vietnam.

“Vietnam has enjoyed robust economic growth and development throughout the 2000s, and the country has succeeded in reducing poverty significantly,” says Nea Tiililä, Economist at Finnfund.

New Finnfund Insights covers the economic and political situation as well as the investment environment in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and globally, with steady growth projections for the medium term. The country has a diversified service sector, a strong manufacturing base and a large domestic market. From an investing point of view, there are many promising sectors, such as agriculture, digitalisation, and energy.

Currently, Finnfund has four direct investments in Vietnam, and the company is actively looking for new investment opportunities in the country. Finnfund also encourages Finnish companies to explore the opportunities in the Vietnamese market.

“There are a number of Finnish companies operating in Vietnam, and I hope we will see even more companies expanding their operations to the country,” says Jussi Tourunen, Associate Director, Head of Energy and Infrastructure Investments at Finnfund.

Read more and explore the report Finnfund Insights: Focus on Vietnam – Finnfund

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