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We publish news and press releases about our investments and other current topics.

Finnfund to invest in Ethiopian poultry company – aiming to improve food security and living standards

By producing chicks which will provide eggs and poultry meat, EthioChicken supports families to improve their nutrition and livelihood, particularly in rural areas. Finnfund begins to finance EthioChicken, which aims to improve food security and reduce poverty in Ethiopia. By producing chicks which will provide eggs and poultry meat, the company supports families to improve their […]

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Frequently asked questions on the Agua Zarca run-of-river hydroelectric power generation project

The Agua Zarca Project is a proposed small-scale run-of-river hydro-electricity generation scheme of 21MW with an annual energy production of 99GWh. Finnfund has been one of the lenders since 2014. The other lenders of the Agua Zarca Project are the Dutch development finance institution FMO and CABEI (Central American Bank for Economic Integration). Finnfund participates […]

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Peikko Group Oy: from cowshed loft to global markets

Peikko Group, a family-owned company based in Lahti, Finland, is one of the Finnish companies that decided to try its luck on the export market amidst the deep 1990s recession. Starting in Germany and the Nordic Countries, this concrete connector manufacturer has expanded its operations to over 30 countries with the help of Team Finland’s […]

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Answers to A-Studio’s claims about Green Resources’s activities in Uganda

On 16 January the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) published an online report about community relations in Kachung, Uganda, where Green Resources has a forest plantation. The same subject was discussed in a programme broadcast by YLE’s A-studio. Green Resources works closely with inhabitants of the area. For example, the company has built several water points […]

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