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Year selected: 2021

Searching for a meaningful job attracts job seekers to impact investing

Katja Koski

Lately, I have encountered many news and studies about the growing trend of people, especially the younger generation, wanting to have a meaningful job and how many organisations put a lot of effort into helping their employees fully understand the importance of their work. As an HR manager, I have read hundreds of job applications […]

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Seeking significant positive impacts in addition to financial return

Markus Pietikäinen

OP Finnfund Global Impact Fund I is the first global emerging markets impact fund in Finland. The fund targets significant positive impacts on, for instance, climate change, food security, gender equality and the availability of financing. As someone who has been keeping a close eye on the global impact investment market, I foresee substantial growth […]

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The fascinating (and long) journey of our human rights approach

Sylvie Fraboulet-Jussila

Building a human rights due diligence approach for a development financier like Finnfund is a long and fascinating journey. It’s not only about building systems and developing processes but about building people and changing the thinking. It has also been a journey for me. This blog is not about me, but given that I have […]

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