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San Francisco S.A.

Region and country of operations: Paraguay
Jurisdiction of registration: Paraguay
Business sector: Warehousing and transportation support

Date of agreement Finnfund’s financing Share of Finnfund’s financing Size of project/
6/2017 USD 8,000,000 20% USD 60,000,000

Environmental and social category: B+

Project description

San Francisco S.A. is a Paragyayan company, which owns and operates two harbours by the Paraguay River. The company is building a new modern harbour in Villeta, which is located about 40 km south from Asunción, the capital. Finnfund invests in the new harbor in Villeta and participates in re-financing the existing debt portfolio of the company, together with some other development financing institutions. The new Villetan harbour will give Paraguayan products better access to international markets.

The activities of the company include loading and unloading the cargo of ships and barges, storing and maintenance of containers, and other stevedoring and logistic services. About 90% of the business of the company is related to handling of containers. The company is using technology supplied by Finnish companies Cargotec and Kalmar.

Main development impact

Paraguay River is vital for land-locked Paraguay; it is the most important transport corridor for the country. Paraguay River is an important waterway not only to Paraguay, but also to Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. About half of the 20 million tons of export and import cargo transported via Paraguay River is transit cargo between the above mentioned countries.

The harbours owned by the company are the most modern and efficient in the country. The new, efficient harbour will have positive development impact on the economy of Paraguay. It will also provide local products with a better access to international markets. Particularly perishable goods, such as several agricultural products, need efficient and reliable harbour infrastructure.

Construction and operation of the harbour will also provide employment to local people.

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