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Planting Naturals BV (Goldtree)

Region and country of operations: Africa, Sierra Leone
Jurisdiction of registration: The Netherlands
Business sector: Food production

Date of agreement (month/year): 2011, 2014, 2016, 2019, 2022
Finnfund’s financing: N/A
Share of Finnfund’s financing: N/A
Instrument: Equity, mezzanine
Size of project/financing: N/A
Environmental and social category: N/A

Project description

Planting Naturals operates oil palm plantations and a palm oil mill in Sierra Leone (Goldtree Sierra Leone). In addition to own plantations, raw material is sourced from about 10,000 local smallholders. The majority of the plantations and all smallholder produce is multiple organic and RSPO certified, and the supply chain is fully traceable. The certified organic crude palm oil is mainly exported to Europe and Asia to speciality consumer foods customers and for animal food end uses.

Originally, Finnfund invested in Goldtree in 2011, which was the company operating the plantations and the mill in Sierra Leone. The investment has experienced several changes over time and the last restructuring was done in 2022, and followed by a share transfer, the shareholding of Finnfund is currently in the parent company, Planting Naturals. This share transfer was based on financing rounds completed before October 2018 (Finnfund’s disclosure policy).

Main development impact

Promoting the sustainable production of palm oil, incl. multiple organic and RSPO certifications, improved livelihood, income and training for smallholders, positive impact on trade balance due exports, taxes and other payments to the government.

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Last modified: June 2023