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Metier Capital Growth Fund III

Region and countries in which the fund invests: Sub-Saharan Africa
Jurisdiction of registration: Mauritius
Business sector: Generalist fund
Signing date (month/year): 9/2023
Size of Finnfund’s financing (commitment): USD 15,000,000
Share of Finnfund’s financing: –
Environmental and social categorisation: FI-B+
Names of companies financed by fund: –

In the case of investment funds, the share of Finnfund’s financing (%) is disclosed after the final closing of the fund.

Brief description

Metier Capital Growth Fund III is a generalist private equity fund focusing on deploying growth capital into entrepreneurial businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fund is managed by the Metier Group. The fund targets a total size of USD 200 million, and a strong first close was achieved at USD 182 million in September 2023.

Main development impact

The main development impact of the Metier Capital Growth Fund III is deemed to come through economic growth and employment, salaries and taxes, and local purchases, in which Metier has shown good progress in previous funds.

Metier brings growth capital, training, and entrepreneurial skill development to growth-oriented mid-cap companies. Both capital and specialised training and support are in short supply in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The fund is classified as a 2X Challenge-eligible investment, committing to ambitious gender targets for the manager and the fund portfolio companies.

More information

Finnfund invests in Metier Capital Growth Fund III to foster growth companies and job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Last updated: December 2023