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Interact Climate Change Facility

Region and country of operations: International
Jurisdiction of registration: Luxembourg
Business sector: Development financing

Date of agreement (month/year): 11/2016 (2011, 2013 not disclosed)
Finnfund’s financing: EUR 20,000
Share of Finnfund’s financing: 7%
Size of project/financing: EUR 287,900,000
Environmental and social category: FI-A

Project description

ICCF finances renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the private sector in developing countries and emerging markets. ICCF is established to facilitate an efficient and fast track process with low administrative overheads for co-financing between European DFIs, EIB and AFD.

Finnfund participates already in the fourth round of financing via ICCF. Track record of co-financing via this instrument is positive.

Main development impact

Creation of jobs, clean power, tax income to host countries and benefits to local communities via CSR-programs of underlying assets.

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