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Horus Solar Energy S.A.E

Region and country of operations: Africa, Egypt
Jurisdiction of registration: Egypt
Business sector: Solar Power

Date of agreement (month/year): 10/2017
Finnfund’s financing: USD 6,000,000
Size of project/financing: USd 70,000,000
Environmental and social category: B+

Project description

The project company was founded to construct and operate a 50 MW solar power plant in Benban, South Egypt. The solar PV power plant is one of about 30 plants to be constructed to the same 3,700 hectares site in Benban. The Benban site’s total power production will be around 1.5 GW. Electricity produced in the plant will be sold to the government owned Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company with a long-term power purchase agreement, benefitting the people of Egypt with low cost renewable electricity.

Main development impact

Egypt produces over 90% of its electricity from fossil fuels. The solar power rollout (1.5 GW) in Benban will increase Egypt’s solar power capacity over tenfold. This will diversify Egypt’s generation capacity and dependence on fossil fuels. The project will enhance climate change mitigation with estimated CO2 reductions amounting to around 55,000 tons per year.