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Region and country of operations: Africa, Africa
Jurisdiction of registration: Finland
Business sector: Information Technology

Date of agreement (month/year): 11/2016
Finnfund’s financing: EUR 999,690
Share of Finnfund’s financing: 37%
Size of project/financing: EUR 4 million
Environmental and social category: C

Project description

Fuzu Limited is a Kenyan-Finnish company that launched the Fuzu employment platform in 2015.

Fuzu is an online career and recruitment platform which provides job seekers an access to career advice, online learning and jobs. For employers it provides a set of tools for identifying best matching candidates via search and recruitment solutions and automated analysis of CV’s. The platform integrates online psychometric testing and talent profiling of candidates to the application

Fuzu aims to combine the strengths of the Finnish education and innovation systems with deep understanding of the end-users, their needs and aspirations in the African context. In Kenya, as in many other countries, unemployment rate is very high and young people are having difficulties entering the working life. Fuzu aims to help people embark on meaningful careers and to build better lives, as well as help companies to find the right kind of talent.

Finnfund participates in financing Fuzu’s expansion in Kenya and the launch of the platform in selected geographies in Africa and Asia.

Main development impact

Fuzu’s services help to develop and formalize the job market. Youth unemployment rate is high, and only a fraction of the workforce is formally employed. Fuzu increases employability of job seekers in developing countries, and especially in Africa, where the number of labour force is increasing rapidly. Fuzu employment platform aims at narrowing the employability gap, especially among young  working-age population.

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