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Dolma Impact Fund I, Nepal

Region and countries in which the fund invests: Nepal
Jurisdiction of registration: Mauritius
Business sector: Private equity fund
Date of agreement (month/year): 6/2018 (2014 not disclosed)
Size and share of Finnfund’s financing (commitment): USD 3,100,000, 30.32%
Names of the companies financed by the fund:

Name Sector Region Country
Suri Khola Hydropower Private Limited Renewable energy Asia Nepal
CloudFactory Group Limited IT services Asia Nepal
Rhododendron Biotech Pvt. Ltd Healthcare Asia Nepal
Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Pvt Ltd Renewable energy Asia Nepal
Fusemachines Inc IT services Asia Nepal
Sasto Deal Pvt. Ltd IT services Asia Nepal
Nidan Hospital Ltd Healthcare Asia Nepal
Solar Farm Pvt Ltd Renewable energy Nepal

Brief description

Dolma provides capital and expertise to growth companies in Nepal. The fund is designed to generate sustainable private sector employment and stimulate further Foreign Direct Investment into Nepal.

Main development impact

The main development effects are related to investee companies and the development of  the SME sector in Nepal. The investments are expected to create new jobs, especially for the young population, and increase substantially power production in Nepal.

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Last modified: May 2023

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