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Bayport Management Limited

Region and country of operations: Africa and Latin America
Jurisdiction of registration: Mauritius
Business sector: Microfinance

Date of agreement (month/year): 6/2022
Finnfund’s financing: USD 10,000,000
Share of Finnfund’s financing: 20%
Instrument: Loan
Size of project/financing: USD 50,000,000
Environmental and social category: FI-B

Project description

Bayport is issuing a Subordinated Social Bond in order to finance its activities in operative finance companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The funds will be utilised as per the Social Finance Framework established by Bayport and second opinioned by Standard & Poors rating agency.

Main development impact

Bayport provides inclusive finance to low- and middle-income populations in the least developed, low-middle-income, and upper-middle-income countries. The financing is mainly used for educational, healthcare, micro-entrepreneurial, and housing purposes in order to improve livelihoods and living.

Bayport is actively developing employment opportunities for female staff and executives and is possibly eligible for 2X initiative gender equality criteria.

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Last modified: September 2022