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Arbaro Fund SCSp

Region and countries in which the fund invests: International
Jurisdiction of registration: Luxembourg
Business sector: Forestry fund
Date of agreement (month/year):  7/2018
Size and share of Finnfund’s financing (commitment): USD 10,000,000, 16.61%
Names of the companies financed by the fund:

Name Sector Region Country
Miro Forestry Ltd Forestry Africa Ghana, Sierra Leone
Forestal Apepú S A Forestry Latin America and the Caribbean Paraguay
Forestal San Pedro Forestry Latin America and the Caribbean Paraguay
Forestal VillaBaro Forestry Latin America and the Caribbean Colombia
Ecua America Teak Forestry Latin America and the Caribbean Ecuador
Maderas Prosperidad Forestry Latin America and the Caribbean Peru

Brief description

Arbaro Fund is a private equity fund focusing on investing in sustainable forestry in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The fund is managed by Arbaro Advisors GmbH, which employs the management team of the fund. The Arbaro Advisors GmbH is owned by forest consulting and management company Unique and asset advisory company Finance in motion.

Main development impact

The investment is foreseen to have multiple significant development effects. These include e.g. over 5,000 created and sustained direct jobs at plantations, added value to the forest product value chain with an increased supply of certified timber and local purchases, improved infrastructure, community development projects that will enhance economic activity and reduce poverty in remote rural areas. The invested plantations will serve as important carbon sinks with an estimated over 20 million tons of CO2 sequestered over the 15 years lifespan of the fund.

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Last updated: May 2023

Photo of an African forest