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Agri-Vie Fund II (Pty) Ltd

Region and countries in which the fund invests: Africa
Jurisdiction of registration: Mauritius
Business sector: Food/agribusiness
Date of agreement (month/year): 7/2018
Size and share of Finnfund’s financing (commitment): USD 10,000,000, 7,6%
Names of the companies financed by the fund (updated 9/2022):

Name Sector Region Country
Marginpar Group (via Starbright Ltd.) Agriculture Africa Kenya
Capital Fisheries (Pty) Ltd Food, logistics, transport Africa Zambia
TerraSan Group Limited Aquaculture Africa South Africa
Jumbo Brands Beverages Africa South Africa
Frostan Ltd (FSDCo) Food services Africa Tanzania
Pee Pee Tanzania Ltd (PPTL) Packaging Africa Tanzania
Glacier Products Dairy Africa Kenya
The Maia Group Consumer health Africa South Africa
Nurture Foods/ Fairview Cheese Consumer goods Africa South Africa
Chemical Process Technologies Ltd. Chemical Process technologies Africa South Africa

Brief description

Food & agribusiness investment fund in Sub-Saharan Africa with a vision to build businesses in Africa that deliver enviable returns – mindful of the impact on people and the environment.

Main development impact

The rationale of the fund investment is to support the development of the agribusiness industry in Sub-Saharan Africa and to improve the food security in the region. The fund will not invest in pure farming operations due to limited lifetime and agrilcultural risks but it will invest for example in integrated farms with processing operations. The portfolio companies of the fund will develop the agribusiness markets and create market access for local producers and farmers.

The portfolio companies of the fund are expected to employ roughly 15,000 people out of which approximately 1/3 are women. The fund is also estimated to reach roughly 3,800 SMEs and 10,000 farmers through its portfolio companies.

More information

Last updated: May 2023

Agri-Vie-farming in Africa