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Noah Law, Investment Associate

“I come from the United Kingdom and moved to Finland in 2018. I studied economic history, including the history of Africa and Asia and, before Finnfund, I worked in corporate finance at the international banks. It is, in fact, more fun than you could imagine—with not only figures but also a lot of politics and personality. I believe that understanding the economy is more of an art than science, and a lot depends on human relationships.

I was very lucky to come across Finnfund as I was looking for an exciting international financing opportunity in Finland. Many people were wondering why I moved to Helsinki, but I think this is a great place to live. Finnfund’s business model inspires me, and I want to make financial decisions that are used for good purposes. In addition, as a development financier, we can make investments that are not possible for firms with other business models. The development effects of our investments are significant, and I can also see them in my own work. It’s important that I explore our funding objectives myself: I like to pose tough questions and find out for myself how the completed initiative will affect the surrounding society.

In the future, I want to dig deeper into the markets where we operate. The business environments we work in are often inconvenient and complex. Still, I am motivated by the hunt to find the most impactful projects and good investment targets.

Finnfund as an organisation is unique and as a workplace, excellent. I think I found a good balance between work and leisure. I was warned that Finns would be reserved, but at least my colleagues are very open and social. On Mondays, we play football together, and we celebrate Finnish public holidays together. I am also trying to learn more Finnish, but so far, online dictionaries are my go-to solution!”

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