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Finnfund is a Finnish development finance company that provides long-term risk capital for profitable and sustainable investments in developing countries. We foster sustainable development and create jobs and prosperity by financing private companies.




Peikko Group Oy: From cowshed loft to global markets

Peikko Group, a family-owned company based in Lahti, Finland, is one of the Finnish companies that decided to try its luck on the export market amidst the deep 1990s recession. Starting in Germany and the Nordic Countries, this concrete connector manufacturer has expanded its operations to over 30 countries with the help of Team Finland’s experts, programmes and network of contacts.

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Fintech and financial inclusion: Meeting with Andrew Watkins-Ball from JUMO.

Examples of Finnfund's investments

Click for more examples of our investments. Many of our investments are in manufacturing but we also finance other sectors, for example power generation, forestry, telecommunication and health care. We offer companies equity and mezzanine capital and long-term investment loans.

how to apply for finnfund financing?

There is no standard application form for Finnfund financing. The basis of our appraisal is the client's project plan, follow this link to see an example of a plan. Please contact our investment teams for more information about our financing possibilities. 

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Finnfund is a member of the Team Finland network, which provides information, tools and networks to support the international success of Finnish companies.