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Key figures

At the end of 2017, Finnfund’s investments and commitments in 171 projects in 39 countries, totaling 719 million euros.

Besides its financial numbers, Finnfund monitors and reports the development and climate impact of its investments.

New investment decisions worth


million euros (2017)



million euros (30 June 2018)

In target countries


people employed directly – 10,000 of which women (in 2016)

Financial key figures 2015 – 2017

Number of project countries333439
Number of investments160167171
Portfolio, EUR million329356393
Disbursements, EUR million7781114
Financing commitments, EUR million84152201
Undisbursed investment decisions and commitments, EUR million235255276
Shareholders’ capital, EUR million251233244
Total assets/liabilities, EUR million377406464
Number of personnel on average566071
EUR million201520162017
Financial income16.219.224.6
Financial expenses-2.7-5.1-8.6
Net financial income13.514.116.0
Other operating income1.81.61.5
Administration, depreciation and amortisation and other operating expenses-9.3-10.6-11.8
Profit before impairment, sales of assets and taxes6.05.15.7
Impairment and sales of assets-0.8-4.8-3.1
Net profit5.10.32.0
Balance sheet, EUR million201520162017
Tangible and intangible assets0.20.20.1
Current assets47.349.570.3
Financial indicators201520162017
Equity ratio, %675753
Return on shareholders’ equity p.a., %

Development effects

The number of reporting companies varies annually and by industry, therefore the years are not completely comparable. In 2016, data was obtained from 92 companies (89 in 2015). Data for 2017 will be published in autumn 2018. More information about development effects here.

Direct investments

FundsFinancial institutionsTotal 2016Total 2015
Direct jobs14,60747914,86629,95225,603
Direct jobs for women4,1371855,1779,4999,137
Indirect jobs9,08573,8291,109,2421,192,156105,483
Indirect jobs for women1,53023,0765,54430,15024,388
Taxes and tax-like payments, EUR million5922055334285
Local purchases, EUR million  1)4,1644,164300
Number of supported farmers 2)38,04638,04615,812
Produced energy, GWh 3)7205,8996,6193,124
Number of housing loans  4)8957,63457,7238,446
Value of housing loans, EUR million  4)386386397
Number of microloans  5)1,414,694263,0411,677,7353,339,060
Value of microloans, EUR million   5)1,5702511,821755
Number of SME loans  6)5,154452,139457,293236,219
Value of SME loans, EUR million  6)1112,1822,2931,547
Share of Finnfund’s funding reported as official Finnish climate funding, EUR   7)7,600,00014,000,000


In 2016 the data was obtained from 92 companies in total (a total of 89 companies in 2015). Some of the indicators are sector-specific, the number of respondents to them differs from the total number of respondents as follows:
1) 31, 2) 25, 3) 18, 4-6) 12

7) Finland’s official climate funding can only include the funding considered development cooperation, i.e. equity financing, which means it does not include loans, for example.