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Sarah Ndegwa, Senior Investment Analyst

“I started my career working in M&A financial advisory, based in Nairobi with East Africa coverage. After three years, I took up a secondment to Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on Transaction Advisory. I’ve always loved crunching numbers, but living in a totally different environment in a way restarted my thinking and I realised that I wanted to be a part of the change so that more people in the world could live better lives. Then I found the concept of impact investing and well, here I am – working for an impact investor in Helsinki! Still crunching numbers but at the same time creating positive impact.

As a Senior Investment Analyst, I’m both a specialist and a generalist – my job is to assess the profitability of each project but they can be anywhere in the world or pretty much from any sector. As I used to cover many of the East African countries in my previous job, that’s of course where my expertise is strongest. However, Finnfund has exposed me to a lot more geographies and sectors which has been a great experience.

On a regular day, I work in a team consisting of the project lead and specialists from the sustainability, impact and legal teams. This in itself has broadened my view on sustainable investments, as well as all the efforts that go into making our mission a reality. Our intent to make responsible investments is heavily embedded in the organisation. It definitely hits closer home as I am from a developing nation while most of our work is in these nations. Different perspectives have also been in play which always makes for great dialogue and better outcomes.

The entire team’s commitment to this mission is of course one of my favourite things about working for Finnfund, there is strength in unity of purpose.

I moved to Helsinki in the middle of a pandemic, with no prior visits – this was the ultimate leap of faith. Remote work was in place and the terrain was new. My colleagues went above and beyond to make my transition smooth, for which I am eternally appreciative. Now being settled in Finland, it is no exaggeration that Helsinki is one of the best cities to live and work in. Temperatures not withstanding, all else more than makes up for it. The city will blow you away!”


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