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Year 2018


For Finnfund, 2018 was the third consecutive year of strong growth. Besides growth, we focussed on further strengthening the sustainabilty and impact of our investment operations. Based on our new strategy up to 2025, we strive to be a valued partner and impact leader in European development financing.

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million euros

Growth of investment assets


New investment decisions


million euros

Of new investment decisions


targeted countries in three lowest income categories

Finnfund investees generated


direct jobs (2017)

Finnfund investees generated


GWH of clean energy (2017)

Chief Executive Officer’s review

Finnfund is unique in the way it has succeeded in combining strong impact with profitability.

Finnfund’s investments continue to be profitable although the company increasingly invests in lower income countries as it pursues greater development impact.

This is the conclusion of an independent evaluation commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to look into Finnfund’s strategy and operations.


Chief Executive Officer’s review


Jaakko Kangasniemi CEO of Finnfund

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Finnfund’s new investment decisions focussed heavily on countries in the three lowest income categories where the need for sustainable in investments is the greatest. Over half (67%) of Finnfund investments went in Africa. The share of least developed LDC-countries was 47%.

Video: Miro Forestry, which operates in Ghana and Sierra Leone, curbs deforestation by producing sustainable timber with forest plantations.

Finnfund's investments as of 31 December 2018

Year 2018

We made 26 new investment decisions, totalling 154 million euros. As many as 93% of the projects were assessed to generate good or excellent development impact. Read an overview of Finnfund’s year 2018.

Impact & sustainability

Finnfund requires its investments to be profitable, responsible in terms of the environment and society, and measurable in terms of development impact.

Financial statements

Finnfund made a profit of 2.1 million euros although its investments focused strongly on poorer countries and projects with greater impact.

Corporate governance

Finnfund is governed by the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors, and the Managing Director.